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With all of our four children being of Ethiopian decent we have a strong connection to this amazing country.  They tell us that we will never know how many people they have helped in Ethiopia because it all flows on with each person doing what they can for others.  For example, by providing water to our children’s grandparents they have also provided water for the neighbourhood as they share their water.  The grandparents also care for a HIV positive friend who would otherwise be ostracised.  The rental properties, 3 one room houses in the tiny village of Kenbabe are always tenanted, the bike hire business in Zeway is always busy and this may be the only way someone can visit a dying relative.  The jewellery skills attained at the Grace Centre means a woman doesn’t have to work in construction so she can care for her child while working instead of risking her child’s life on a construction site.  Sadly, there are many cases of babies and children being accidentally crushed on construction sites.  Our family has strong ties to Ethiopia as all of our four children were adopted from Ethiopia.  My wife & I have visited Ethiopia 9 times.

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Grace Centre Jewellery Project

Stephen Dibb Jewellery has been a long-term supporter of the Grace Centre and in December 2010, my wife and I  set up a jewellery making project there.

The Grace Centre was set up by Australian adoptive parents to help single mothers keep their children by providing them with every thing they need to be independent.

For more information about Grace please see

Kechene Women Potters in Ethiopia

set of pottery stylised guinea fowl, a hen and two chick, black with white spots

Stephen Dibb Jewellery supports the Kechene Women Potters by importing & selling their birds.If you would like to purchase a set of Lucky Birds please go 

to Details about Lucky Birds.transporting and selling their pottery birds. These women support themselves and their children and are reliant on foreigners to purchase their pottery as there is no market for quality craft in Ethiopia.

Other Projects in Ethiopia - 2004 to Present

To lift their children’s biological families out of poverty, Stephen & Lisa Dibb, have supported various projects, small and large including:

  • a farm
  • a house
  • a horse & cart
  • bicycles for an existing bicycle hire business
  • school fees
  • visual arts training
  • hairdressing training
  • medical care including treatment to save hearing and sight
  • clearing of fields to make them productive again
  • a bee-hives project
  • the building of rental properties for income and betterment of a small village
  • the expansion of a successful grocery wholesale business
  • urgent repairs for existing homes
  • electricity & water for the benefit of the whole neighbourhood
  • dress making training

Stephen and Lisa Dibb are also involved in their supporting their local community.

Stephen and Lisa Dibb are also involved in child & adoption advocacy.

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