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golden pearl ring haloed with white diamonds custom made by Stephen Dibb JewelleryPearl Care - gently does it!

"Pearls are always appropriate" - Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Pearls are made of an organic material, so they are quite soft and need special care.  For those who love pearls the extra care they need is worth it.  Whether you have freshwater or South Sea pearls, all pearls need to be taken care of in the same way.  The main threat to pearls is chemicals.

Here are some tips for caring for your pearls.

  • Put your pearls on last!  Always remember to put them on after you have applied all your makeup, creams, hair spray and perfume. 
  • After wearing your pearls wipe them down with a dry, soft cloth to remove any excess body oil or cosmetics.
  • Do not wear or put your string of pearls away when wet.  Always lay them out flat to dry.
  • Store your pearls in a soft and cool place. 
  • Don’t hang strings. 
  • Don’t store your pearls with other jewellery as they scratch easily.
  • Don’t risk washing your pearls yourself as they get a major professional clean as part of the re-stringing process done by your jeweller.Beautiful model at the Brisbane Arcade Fashion Parade wearing pearls.  Photograph by Stephen Archer Instagram: @slapics
  • Always take your pearl ring off before using soap or cream. 
  • Take your pearl ring off by holding the metal and not the pearl as this will reduce contact with oil from your skin and the loosening of the pearl.
  • Don’t use an ultrasonic or steam to clean pearls.
  • Never rub or use anything abrasive on your pearls ie toothbrushes, rough cloth. 
  • Avoid wearing pearl jewellery when cleaning the house, gardening and swimming.
  • Keep your pearls away from vinegar, ammonia, chlorine and detergents.
  • Your pearl necklaces and bracelets should be restrung periodically so that the thread doesn’t break.  Check them by holding up the strand and if the pearls can move up and down on the thread, it is time to get them re-strung.

We can organise professional cleaning and re-stringing of your pearls see Pearl re-stringing & cleaning.   We custom make pearl jewellery see example in Collections. See details about Tahitian Pearls at Tahitian Black Pearls. If you have questions about pearls or any other jewellery subject, please come in for a chat or Contact Us.

Great design is free but it maximises the enjoyment and value of your jewellery whether it will be an Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Men's Wedding Rings or Eternity Rings  A designer must have a combination of natural flair and extensive knowledge.  Stephen Dibb Jewellery’ design credentials mean that you receive the best advice available on achieving the look you want for your budget.  We aim for you to be able to look down a your ring everyday and think "ahhh, I really got that right, I still love it".  Look at the detail & beautiful & subtle lines of the jewellery we have already made for our customers at Collections however the best way to understand the value that a great designer brings is to come in for a no obligation chat.  It is best to Make an appointment to talk to one of our highly trained desigers at the store most convienent to you.  

Everyone is “an award-winning jewellery designer”, how do I check out if they have what it takes?

  • If they can’t draw then they are not a jewellery designer as they need to convey the idea to you clearly and drawing it is the only way of doing this.
  • If they are using a computer program to draw the design they are limited to the templates provided and you can’t get an original design that way.
  • If they can’t talk about the elements of design – movement, line, shape, tone, colour & texture then they probably don’t have enough training.
  • If they can’t provide you a few design alternatives and explain the pros and cons of each design then think about talking to someone else.

See Awards & What to expect at your design appointment for more information.

You will be surprised how we can bring your design to life with multiple detailed drawings and diamonds and gemstones placed in Blue Tac to show you how they will sit & size on your finger / body. Even after you given us the “go ahead” on a design you are protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee see our Guarantees for more details. See What to expect at your design appointment and Custom Made & Designed Jewellery for more information or Make an appointment and we can show you examples of our detailed drawings.

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