Information on Emerald Cut Diamonds & Gemstones


The Emerald Cut has become popular especially for diamonds due to its appearance.  They are stunning & sophisticated.   My team & I love them and have created many beautiful engagement rings for our customer using them so read on for lots of helpful information.

What makes it an Emerald Cut?

The Emerald Cut has stepped facets, rectangular shape and trimmed corners.  The concentric alignment of its facets creates a “hall of mirrors” appearance that the emerald cut diamond is famed for.

Why is it called an Emerald Cut?

Emerald is both a type of green gemstone as well as a cut shape and this is because the cut was developed for the emerald gemstone. 

What to look for when buying an Emerald Cut Diamond?

Colour & clarity is important.  The emerald cut has a larger, open table so colour and clarity (lack of flaws or inclusions) becomes more important than in other cuts. 

Your personal taste is the most important factor and this is why we will source a variety of quality options for you so that you get to choose the diamond that is right for you that will become your family heirloom.  We will keep searching until we find the diamond that is right for you.  You will know it when you see it.

Emerald vs. Radiant vs. Asscher Diamonds

There are two other popular diamond shapes to consider if you like the emerald cut and they are the Radiant and the Asscher cuts.  If you would like to have a look at these other cuts we’d be delighted to show you alongside a emerald cut diamond & to explain the differences.

Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Popular?

Emerald cut diamonds are chosen by about 4% of Stephen Dibb Jewellery customers so they are still a distinctive choice.  They seem to attract confident women who are drawn to their distinctive and dramatic appearance.  Notably a number of celebrities like Amal Clooney, Angelina Jolie, and Beyoncé have chosen emerald cut diamonds for their engagement rings. 

Do Emerald Cut Diamonds Look Bigger?

The table (top surface) is bigger other many/all other major cuts of the same carat weight so Emerald Cut Diamonds can look larger for example your average 1 carat emerald cut diamond has approximately 5% greater surface area than a 1 carat round cut diamond.

Do Emerald Cut Diamonds make your fingers look more slender?

The length of an Emerald cut diamonds can create the illusion of longer and more slender fingers but so can a good design with othe shaped diamonds.  If this is one our your requirements please just mention it during your jewellery design consultation.

What is the best setting for an Emerald Cut Diamond?

There are many choices and a custom making jeweller can explain all your many options.  Simple, elegant solitaires and glittering halos tend to be the most popular settings for emerald shaped diamonds. An emerald cut halo engagement ring creates a really breathtaking vintage-inspired engagement ring, with the added benefit that the diamonds in the halo bring extra sparkle to the centre diamond.

Here’s a little more detail about the emerald cut ….

The emerald cut was developed in the 1500s by stonecutters working with emerald gemstones which are quite soft and prone to breakage.  They found that the stepped facets running along the length of the emerald in parallel lines gave the emerald more stability while also improving their colour.  The term “step cut” refers to any gem with these parallel, receding lines. 

My team & I love the icy, sophisticated, minalist look of the emerald cut diamond & would be delighted to incorporate them into your designer engagement ring.  Please go to our Collections for many examples of emerald cut diamonds and gemstones.

Stephen Dibb

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