Re-tipping of Claws

Re-tipping is what jewellers call the repair of the claws that hold the gem stone or diamond in.  When we re-tip, all the claws are examined and where they are not secure, we dress them back, add wire and solider. Sometimes on more difficult re-tips we use laser technology.  If you are concerned that the claws on your ring are wearing, please stop wearing it and bring it in as we'd be delighted to fix the claws and we want to spare you the expensive and heart ache of loosing a gem stone or diamond.  A sign of wear is that the claw start catching on things, they are rough to touch and don't look the same as the other claws.  The wearing of claws is a part of loving your jewellery, and hence wearing our jewellery, but rest assured that the claws can easily be repaired.


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