Ace of hearts


Last year my gemmologist, Rebekah (Bek), fell heads-over-heels in love with a 2.09ct Burmese Ruby. The unusual cut, the deep and bright red colour and the sheer size of the stone made it impossible to ignore. She was also keenly aware of the rarity of rubies from Burma. This stone demanded the best so Ewen, the designer, complied by framing this magnificent stone between two heart-shaped diamonds and a cushion of pave and grain – set diamonds totalling .60ct.


To harmonise with the white gold and vivid red of the ruby he used rose-gold highlights. I am extremely pleased to have this level of design and craftsmanship leaving our studio. It would be a perfect right-hand dress ring. Ruby is the July birthstone ring and 40th wedding anniversary stone. Due to the hardness of the ruby (9 out of 10 on the Moh’s hardness scale) it can be worn every day making it suitable for an engagement ring. The combination of the stone’s pedigree, workmanship and design means this piece will be sort by jewellery connoisseurs. It can be viewed at our Cleveland studio or on request at the Holland Park studio.

Come and see it before it is gone. I’ve already brought it home to show my children!