The Art Deco period, from 1920 – 1935, was one of the most influential periods of design. The popularity of Art Deco Jewellery has been enduring. This aesthetic characterised by clean lines, geometrical forms, symmetry, intricate patterns, coloured gemstones, use of enamel and the prolific use of diamonds is marvellous.   It has remained relevant to today’s woman because it celebrates exquisite design at its best.


We still regularly designed and create Art Deco inspired pieces in White & Yellow Gold, Platinum, Sterling Silver incorporating gem stones, pearls, diamonds, engraving and enamel.


If you love Art Deco and would love to own a piece of Art Deco jewellery or to add to your existing collection would be delighted to make the jewellery of your dreams. Bring in a picture, your own ideas or browse our display items & inspiration books, we want to work with you to get that special piece of jewellery. We design to suit your style, budget and colouring. Your design is only limited by your imagination. You can have something truly unique that is also great value!


Come in for an obligation-free design appointment with one of our jewellers who can advise you on choosing a piece of jewellery to suit your individual style. Deal directly with the jeweller who makes your piece and experience our exceptional service and quality.


With Stephen Dibb Jewellery, you are buying directly at our workshop prices so you get great value for money.