Bubbles of colour


I am happy to announce we have just indentured our 7th apprentice. Kirra-Lea. I have always been grateful to have been apprenticed and vowed to return the favour if ever I could. This is number 7, our goal is 10. In 2003 we were proud to be awarded regional winner – Queensland training award, Queensland winner – Queensland training award then Prime minister’s small business of the year 2003 for training. The training helped 4 out of 6 of our apprentices win Queensland Jewellery apprentice Design Awards 1994, 2003, 2005, and 2008.


No pressure Kirra! Seriously with Kirra’s art based background, good eye for detail and friendly manner she will have no problem. In fact she hand-crafted this beautiful pendant featuring a cascade of aquamarines, beryl’s, garnets, tourmalines, diamond and tanzanite’s. When I asked her what she enjoyed most about making her first piece she said she enjoyed co-ordinating the colours, the sizes and finishing the piece. When Kirra was putting out the windows and a customer’s said how beautiful that pendant is, she proudly exclaimed ‘I made that.’

This will be the first of many. The challenges, sore fingers, breathtaking stones, shimmering metals, the smile of overjoyed clients. It’s all ahead. Visit our Cleveland studio to view the mesmerising piece first hand.