Diamond Guild Australia’s Newest Member


It is a prestigious association that few jewellers can be proud to say they are part of…


Hi again Lovers of Fine Jewellery.

We are proud to announce that our very own Stephen Dibb has been named a member of Diamond Guild Australia! This is an extremely prestigious group to be accepted to and we are certainly proud of Stephen for this immense achievement.
What is Diamond Guild Australia?

The Diamond Guild Australia is a respected group of industry leaders who are dedicated to establishing and preserving the gold standard for quality and ethics for diamond promotion and sale Australia-wide. Being associated with the Diamond Guild Australia means that we immediately show our clients that we:

  • Will be around for many years to come to look after your treasured jewellery
  • Have ethically sourced our diamonds through reputable channels
  • Are reliable and commit our professional lives to the study and trade of diamonds
  • Always give accurate and reliable information so you can be sure of the quality of our diamonds

When you buy diamond jewellery from us, you will not only gain a beautiful and exquisite diamond, but you will also gain the guarantee of the diamond or gemstone’s superior quality. Diamond Guild Members are specially selected due to their strict adherence to the top standards of industry practice.
We have even been announced as a new member on Diamond Guild Australia’s website…

With a significant love for jewellery design and the process of hand-crafting fine and exquisite jewellery, Stephen has secured a membership with the esteemed group, and they have decided to feature us on their site. You can find their blurb on our talented and experienced Master Jeweller here.
Be delighted with our stunning designs that are infused with breathtaking ambience…

We host a range of jewellery, but this month we will focus on some of our favourite necklace pendants and earrings. Earrings and pendants are designed to be bold, creative, personal and eye-catching, and can be the ultimate statement piece. Discover some of our favourites below.


Discover true beauty with this exquisite Ornate Morganite and Diamond Pendant, expertly crafted to perfection. Lose yourself in the salmon colour of the morganite encircled with crisp and brilliant white diamonds.


Given the playful name of the Jester Tahitian Pearl and Diamond Pendant with Earrings, this gorgeous set is playful and sophisticated. With their gentle grip on the pearl, the golden arms look like they are effortlessly holding the beautiful and rare ball in suspended motion. Finished with a hint of diamonds placed inside each jester ‘bell’ and again at the link of the necklace and the stud of the earrings, this set is sure to delight and impress.

We work to ensure you gain the highest quality jewellery…

At Stephen Dibb Jewellery in Brisbane we are always striving to break the mould and create elegant, sophisticated and truly unique pieces designed to impress and tell a story simultaneously. If you are after a specific piece, we are always happy to answer any and all questions.

To discover more about our beautiful unique jewellery or to book a viewing of our collection at our boutique showroom in Brisbane, please do not hesitate to contact us.