Planning to propose?

Fantastic! Time to do some research…

Congratulations on finding the person of your dreams! You may know your partner to a ‘T’; however proposals can be extremely difficult to plan and execute. At Stephen Dibb Jewellery we have made proposals our business, and have come to aid you in your big secret.

The ring

One of the most important aspects of your proposal is the ring. For a hand crafted, world class ring that is customised to your spouse’s needs, we can represent the passion and zest of your relationship in the form of an elegant, sophisticated or even playful diamond ring for her to wear for the rest of your lives. It is imperative that you know what she likes, or even if she would prefer to choose the ring herself (doesn’t mean the proposal can’t still be a surprise!).
The line

Be sure to prepare yourself. They may only be four little words, but you will feel their weight roll off your tongue and make you stagger if you are not careful. Practise what you want to say until you have it just right. You only get one chance, you’ll want to be sure it goes perfectly!
Be creative

Incorporate the personality and passion of your relationship into the proposal. Things like your first date or a personal joke only you two share. Make it as memorable as possible.

At Stephen Dibb Jewellery, we care about your proposal, and will aim to help you achieve your desired result.

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