Sky-high Achievements for Stephen Dibb Jewellery Designers


Queensland’s most awarded jeweller dazzles judges at the 2013 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards

The 2013 Diamond Guild Australia Jewellery Awards, in partnership with Qantas and their iconic inflight magazine ‘The Australian Way’, are celebrating passionate jewellery designers in style. With two of our esteemed designers securing a finalist position, the team at Stephen Dibb Jewellery are innovating the way you wear diamonds. These proficient results precede the selection of the final winners from each category in December, in addition to the Supreme Award Winner in January and Qantas Magazine’s The Peoples Choice Award in February. These initial results have also been featured in this month’s Qantas magazine ‘The Australian Way’. This achievement has cemented our reputation here at Stephen Dibb Jewellery as Queensland’s most awarded jeweller.

Our committed jewellery designers Jason Sallaway and Kirra Lea dazzled judges with their designs in The Fancy Shape Award and The Emerging Talent Award categories. Challenging Australia’s most eminent jewellery designers, our designs were met with enthusiasm and praise by the panel of experienced and revered judges. This year’s judging panel included renowned Australian fashion designer Carla Zampatti, Good Design Australia CEO Dr Brandon Gien, Qantas magazine editor Susan Skelly, photographer David Perryman and master jeweller John Calleija.
Setting the standard for opulently stunning Australian designed diamonds

The competition, established in 2005, is a biennial event celebrating Australian jewellery designers and is open to all Australian jewellers. Versing a multitude of talent, the Stephen Dibb Jewellery designs were awarded considering their uniqueness and innovation. The diamonds, bedded principally in the precious metals platinum or gold, were required to be of natural origin. The pieces are judged, aside from their originality, on their market appeal and the quality of both the materials and the workmanship. Across the seven categories our designers supplied a spectacular ring and striking arm cuff, winning them the attention of the judges and two spots in the final competition.
Originality within The Fancy Shape Award

Our innovative designer Jason Sallaway impressed the judges with his ring in The Fancy Shape Award. Judged on the shape of his diamond, which was required to be predominantly fancy-cut diamonds, Jason Sallaway presented a unique take on this category. His piece, the ‘Always And Forever’ ring, is made from 18ct white and rose gold, with a stunning 1.53ct marquise-cut diamond. This diamond is bedded in a heart-shape band that displays a dazzling additional 163 diamonds. His relentless hard work and zest for originally was documented in video that displays the creation process below. The ring is a stunning example of the remarkable work that our talented jewellery designers produce here at Stephen Dibb Jewellery.

Making a splash in The Emerging Talent Award

Awarded a place amongst the finalists for ‘The Emerging Talent Award’, our talented designer Kirra Lea created an astonishing free-form white gold arm cuff. Rose and yellow gold domes, along with grain-set diamonds, adorn the ‘Bubbles’ cuff with black ruthenium arches. The cuff illuminates the individuality of our designers, along with Kirra Lea’s dynamic approach to the blending of a number of unique materials to complement the spectacular diamonds. The short clip below, displaying Kirra Lea’s creation journey of the ‘Bubbles’ piece, is a testament to her hard work and creative flair.

The competition for Australia’s most talented diamond designers heats up

While the winner of each category will not be announced until December, there is also a new category in this year’s competition. This is the new ‘Supreme Award Winner’ competition, which recognises the receiver of the highest accumulation of points across the differing categories. Additionally the Qantas inflight magazine The Australia Way is celebrating the excellence of the finalists by judging the winning piece by its popularity with the general public in their ‘Peoples Choice Award’. Our two matchless finalist pieces are on display in our showroom, allowing our clients to be mesmerised by the whimsical magic of their unique beauty. If you have a unique design in mind, or you wish to forge a partnership with our committed designers to create a timeless piece of jewellery, let yourself be swept up in the skill and art of Stephen Dibb Jewellery.

To create a beautiful piece or jewellery, or to view our finalist pieces, contact us at (07) 3847 9933 for our Holland Park studio or call (07) 3821 6900 for our Cleveland studio.