Spinning Rings and Large Knuckles


Spinning Rings and Large Knuckles

It is perfectly normal for the knuckle diameter to be larger than the base of the finger. This can be made much worse by arthritis. In some people the difference in size is so great that the ring spins around the finger consistently which can be annoying. It can also cause extra wear on the metal and gems.




There are a number of remedies:

  • Add 2 small balls on the inside of the band vertically below the top of the ring. They are positioned approximately 10mm apart. The ring still has the diameter to fit over the knuckle but the balls nestle into the soft inside of the base of the finger. It is still comfortable but reduces the spinning.
  • Alter the band shape to what we call a German band. This is where there is a flat section vertically underneath the top of the ring which sits across the soft inside of the base of the finger. The band looks like an arched-window instead of a circle.
  • As we are a design jeweller, there are many other options, based on the above ideas, which address this issue, for example a heart-shaped band.
  • For those that will not get the desired results from any of the above options, a hinged-band ring is the best option. The hinge means that the ring opens up and locks around the base of the finger without passing over the knuckle. This has been a fantastic solution for many of my mature clients who have not been able to wear their rings for years because their knuckles are just too big due to arthritis. For those customers that want to stack their rings, their rings can be joined together and then hinged. This solution has brought a lot of joy and if you would like to see examples please make an appointment for a demonstration.

If you have any concerns about the fit of your rings please do come and in and have a chat to any member of our team. Comfort is a part of enjoying your jewellery.

I hope that this information helps you enjoy your beloved jewellery even more!

Kindest regards, Steve.