Surprise Bracelet – JAA Australian Jewellery Award Winner 2000

hand made Award winning hinged bracelet made of gold & titanium. hand made Award winning hinged bracelet made of gold & titanium. 

Team work is an important part of how we make  jewellery & our customers benefit from this collaborative approach.  In 2000 with this bracelet we won an Australian Jewellery Award.  Our team of 8 jewellers including an apprentices were given a link of this bracelet that we had pre-made.  Each jeweller was told to design and create a panel & attach it to the link.  They were not allowed to tell anyone else what they were making including each other.  On the assigned date, we assembled the links into this beautiful bracelet we named “Surprise!” for obvious reasons.  This is the first and only large team win in the history of Australian Jewellery Design Awards & we’ve not heard of it ever being done anywhere else in the world.  We see the unique skills & personality of each jeweller expressed in each panel.  Surprise was bought by a local family who were inspired by the story & love to support local artisans.

See some of the links below:

bracelet panel with shells on it.  Made of white & yellow gold.

handmade bracelet panel link made of yellow gold & blue titanium

bracelet panel that looks like it has stitching on it.  Made of white & yellow gold.

This bracelet is made from white, yellow & rose gold as well as titanium (which is the blue metal) & various gemstones including diamonds. 

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