The Perfect Fit


What is a well fitted ring?

Comfort is an important aspect of any design. After all jewellery is wearable art. A well-fitted ring should fit snugly on the finger without being too tight or so loose that it is at risk of falling off. If a ring is well-fitted there should be just a slight pull to remove it.
If you have any concerns about the fit of your rings please do come and in and have a chat to any member of our team. Comfort is a part of enjoying your jewellery.

Resizing a ring – what is involved?

Resizing the band of the ring is done by placing the gems and setting in wet sand to protect them and then heating the band gently to find any previous joins. At this point we either remove a piece to make the band smaller or add a piece to increase the size. It is then refinished by emerying and polishing. The same metal (carat alloy) and solder must be used so the join will be undetectable to the human eye.
Ring sizes – how do they work?

There are numerous systems for denoting the sizes of rings in use around the world. Australia, Ireland and the UK use the same system using the letters of the alphabet. The rest of the world uses numbers that don’t necessarily correlate to one another. Don’t worry the team at Stephen Dibb Jewellers in Holland Park can convert them for you.
How does band width and the number of rings affect your ring size?

Generally with wide bands you will go up in size from your usual size. Also if you plan to stack rings this can affect the sizing too. It is worth talking to us about what combinations you want to stack as you don’t want rings damaging one another.
How does the climate affect your ring size?

In warm weather some people’s fingers swell so they may need a larger size. We can advise you on the best overall size for you.
What to do if your ring is tight and difficult to remove?

Wait until the evening when the temperature drops, pack your finger with ice and then use hand-cream or soapy water to ease it off. When you are trying to get it over the knuckle keep the finger slightly bent to stop the skin bunching up. If this doesn’t work go to a jeweller. They will cut the band and ease it open with pliers. If it needs it ice your finger. Wait until any swelling is completely down before the jeweller checks your size and resizes the ring. We recommend waiting 2 weeks.
What to do if you rings spin around?

Solutions for rings that spin around and large knuckles will be covered in my next blog.

I hope that this information helps you enjoy your beloved jewellery even more. If Stephen Dibb Jewellers in Holland Park can help you in any way please do not hesitate to contact us!

Kindest regards, Steve