Yellow Beryl and Shield Shape diamond ring


At Stephen Dibb Jewellery in Cleveland, the team and I are in awe of this stunning and exquisite gem. Personally, I am hypnotised by the rich burnt orange colour of this Heliodor (yellow Beryl).

The way the light played across the facets. The precision of the cutting. Light seemed to radiate out from the gem.

Beryl has been around for a long time, you would know it by the classic and timeless emerald and aquamarine but in recent years the other siblings have become quite popular in their own right.

Beryl in its pure form is colourless and it’s the impurities found within it that give the different colours of beryl. Colourless beryl is called goshenite, blue is aquamarine, yellow – Heliodor, pink – morganite, deep green – Emerald, which is the most expensive and prized beryl of the family. Beryls are sourced worldwide but each variety is known to be found in different parts of the world. Heliodor can be mostly found in Russia. It exhibits such a beautiful spectrum of yellow hues which is attributed to the iron impurity. Heliodor has a Moh’s hardness of 7.5-8 which is great for jewellery hence why it has been adorned by jewellery lovers for generations.

Our design team decided it would be best to claw set this magnificent gem in 18ct yellow gold and to further enhance by adding a pair of matching crisp white shield shape diamonds set in white gold. We tucked the diamonds in close to the beryl with a minimum of setting so the stones looked suspended above the finger. We chose a band sculpted in 18ct yellow gold to pick up and match the yellow of the centre stone.

Shield shape diamonds are a spectacular shape which are ideal when used as side stones. It is important that they match in shape, cut, colour and that they are cut to the correct proportion to maximise the internal reflection of light. This makes the diamonds dazzle. You will also notice the ends of the diamonds are set in V shape claws. This not only looks great but adds security and reduces the claws catching.

The yellow gold band is elegantly tapered and upswept. It features the Stephen Dibb Jewellery comfort fit for maximum comfort, strength and to prevent water getting caught under the band which could lead to skin irritation.

Looking at the side view of this statement piece you can see we needed a white gold motif to set off the yellow gold claws and the beryl, white gold to enhance and support the diamonds finishing with attractive yellow gold swirls under the setting. You can see why here at Stephen Dibb Jewellery, we are using Heliodor (yellow beryl) in more of our one off pieces.

This ring is featured in our recent wishlist and can be viewed at our Cleveland Studio. It would be ideal for the adventurous, seeking a flash of yellow in their collection. P.S. I couldn’t resist painting this ring for I admire the flashes of brown, burnt, orange and golden yellow that radiate from this mesmerising stone.

To learn more about this stunning gem ring please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay Happy

Stephen Dibb