Can we match existing Jewellery


Clients often ask if we can make a piece of jewellery to match an existing set of their jewellery. For an example if they have a pendant, could we make matching earrings? Can we make a bracelet to match their ring? We certainly can.

The first thing we do is match the coloured gems and diamonds to the same colour and clarity. We then match the metal colour, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or different combinations. In the design process, we take our lead from the original piece we are trying to match. We are also careful with the sizing of the new piece. For example if we are matching earrings, we usually make the pendant the same size or larger never smaller. We would make a bracelet larger then the matching ring.
Start with the statement piece…

DSC 2836-merged-3I adore the colour of a fine Aquamarine. It isn’t sky blue, like topaz. It has a mysterious blue green colour which always reminds me of the ocean. In fact, aquamarine in Latin means water of the sea – because of the sea water colour it displays. It is also a good luck talisman for sailors.

Aquamarine is truly a worldwide gem being mined in Brazil, Russia, Australia, Burma, India, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and South Africa. The most popular cuts include oval, pear, marquise, cushion and emerald cuts. They tend to look their best set in white gold with crisp white diamonds. Aquamarine has a hardness on the Moh’s hardness scale of 7.5-8 out of 10 which make it highly suitable for jewellery.

In our Cleveland studio, we have a striking pair of facetted aquamarine and heart shape diamond earrings crafted in 18ct white gold.
Finish with fine craftsmanship and design

I have designed a similar drop pendant using matching aquamarines, slightly larger with a similar heart shape diamond studded motif. The pendant is fully hinged for movement, comfort and to catch the light. It could be worn on different chains to change the look the wearer is trying to achieve.

I have never seen a chequer board cut top with buff top base facetted aquamarine before so we had to have them. My design team thought a simple fine framework of 18ct white gold would best do them justice. I must agree. Perfectly matched heart shape diamonds were enriched with graduated round brilliant cut diamonds in glimmering 18ct white gold.

If we were to make a matching ring I would suggest a similar colour and cut Aquamarine set in 4 fine white gold claws, with the diamond encrusted heart shape motifs positioned either side to create symmetry and balance.


I would use a white gold band which elegantly tapers to the centre piece. The original earrings paired with either the matching pendant, the matching ring or both would complete this spell bounding set.

Drop by our stores in Holland Park and Cleveland or contact us today. We would really enjoy chatting with you about how we could complete a set or fill in gaps in your jewellery wardrobe.

Keep Smiling
Stephen Dibb