We recommend the Diamond Guild of Australia’s Master Care Insurance.  

This insurance was designed by Australia’s top jewellers for their customers as they recognised the on-going issues their customers were experiencing with other insurers.  

We joined the Diamond Guild so that our customer had access to this premium insurance.   

Here are some reasons to consider Master Care Insurance:

  • It offers global cover which means your jewellery is covered at all times, anywhere in the world for accidental loss, theft and accidental damage.
  • If you have to claim you will be able to have your precious jewellery replaced by the jeweller who made it for you or opt for a cash settlement.
  • The insured sum is the same amount that you paid for your piece of jewellery.  This means that there is no discounting on your replacement jewellery.  This has been a  major issue for our customers when they are with other insurers. 
  • There is no excess on the policy for the first 12 months and should you decide to reinsure with the Master Care policy at the expiry of the first years cover, there will continue to be no excess payable. 

Master Care Jewellery Insurance