Can you get diamonds and gem stones for us, if so what is the advantage?

We can quickly source stones specific to your requirements from our network which we have developed over our 30 year history.

The advantages of this are:

  • Unlike many stone suppliers or jewellers, we do not have stock that we pressure you to buy.
  • We bring in the best selection available and we don’t stop hunting until you fall in-love with your diamond or gem stone.
  • You get to see the diamond or gemstone before you purchase it.  Beyond the specifications each diamond is unique and has it own “vibe” and we believe it is important to be able to compare diamonds and gemstones in person under no obligation or pressure.
  • Any diamond or gem stone that we source for you comes with additional replacement guarantees, see Guarantees.  Unfortunately we can’t extend these guarantees to diamonds and gem stones provided by you.  
  • All the stones we supply have ethnical guarantees which we cannot extend to diamonds and gem stones provided by you.
  • All our diamonds above .40 carat can be independently certified.
  • Regardless of the source of the diamond and gem stones, we make and fit specifically to your diamonds & gem stones for stone security.