Sourcing Diamonds & Gemstones


We can use your diamonds & gemstones but we can also source them for you from our over 30 years of contacts & to make sure you get fantastic value.  We do not have stock that we pressure you to buy.  We bring in the best selection available and this allows you to have a look at different shapes, sizes & specification in person with no pressure. We don’t stop hunting until you fall in-love with your diamond or gem stone.

Importantly any diamond or gem stone that we source for you comes with additional guarantees which we cannot extend to the diamonds and gem stones provided by you.  Firstly should a Stephen Dibb Jewellery supplied stone fall out we will replace it as long as you have been coming in for your yearly checks. For more details go to Guarantees. We also have ethnical & quality guarantees.

Regardless of the source of the diamond and gem stones, we make and fit specifically to your diamonds & gem stones for stone security.