I’m hearing stories about diamonds falling out, are they true?

Unfortunately this is becoming more common.  The best way to protect yourself against diamonds falling out is to ask before you purchase, specifically about what guarantee they offer in case a diamond falls out.  Ask about what happens if the diamond falls out in the first year and subsequence years and get it in writing.

If they are unable to offer a guarantee in writing or other details then they may have concerns around:

  • Inferior quality metal casting (pouring into a mould) so the metal is defective.
  • Using a money saving technique where the diamonds are cast into the ring and then they try to tighten them.
  • Cost cutting so that there is inadequate metal to hold the diamonds.
  • Poor design as the designer doesn’t understand the engineering of diamond & gemstone setting.
  • Poor workmanship caused by inadequate training.
  • Paying stone setters per stone causing the setter to rush in order to make an adequate income.