What is Stephen Dibb Jewellery like as an employer?

We hire the best jewellers & retail professionals available and provide them with additional training and a working environment that is encouraging and stimulating. This means that we have minimal staff turn-over with most of our staff staying with us for 10 or even 20 years.  It also means that positions at Stephen Dibb Jewellery attract many quality applicants.

We are committed to being an equal opportunity employer with diversity in gender, age, background and ethnicity in our team, for example we have employed disabled people and re-tooled for injured team members.  Our diverse team have wisdom and perspective that keep us grounded.

Stephen Dibb’s personal goal is to train 10 apprentices.  We have already had 9 apprentices and 5 retails trainees so far.  Collectively our 9 apprentices have won 7 state & national awards. We are currently training our 8th apprentice & here is a lovely article about him by Indulge.

We encourage our team members to share their opinions and knowledge and this collaboration greatly benefits our customers & makes a happy work environment.

Extended leave is available for team members who wish to travel for long periods or explore other options while still having job security and we provide flexible working hours when needed by team members. 

We sponsor our team members to enter jewellery design competitions.  These competitions call for innovation and both the organisation and individual must stretch to even make a submission.  Our most interesting win was our whole team entry in 2000 when 8 of our jewellers including apprentices, were given a link of a bracelet and were told to design and create a link on top of the frame using whatever metal or stones they wished.  They were not allowed to tell anyone else what they were making.  On the assigned date, we assembled the links into the beautiful bracelet we named “Surprise!” for obvious reasons.  This is the first and only team win in the history of Australian jewellery design awards. See Awards for more details.