What are some good jewellery inscription ideas?

Jewellery is very personal and sometimes adding inscriptions makes it even more so. Over the years we have seen many different inscriptions including the first line of your special song and each other’s names or nicknames. One of the best and most practical is the wedding date to help the guys remember the anniversary.

Here are some ideas:

My Best Friend One love one lifetime Love is eternal
For you alone Life has begun Today, tomorrow, forever
All my love, all my life (Wedding date) You have my heart
All my love Joy without end Truly, madly, deeply
Love is all With all that i am Love, honour and cherish
Forever How do i love thee I’m always with you
Forevermore My beloved is mine Love conquers all
Forever and ever Bless this ring, bless our life My beloved
Forever entwined Grow old with me My heart is yours forever
Forever in love Pour toujours et toujours (French: forever and always) Never to part
Forever in my heart Te amo (Italian: I love you) No one but you
My heart is yours Amore mio (Italian: my love) May the force be with us
You are the love of my life Pour tous les jours (French: for all days) Love ‘n kisses
Never another you Ich Liebe dich (German: I love you) Xoxoxoxo
From this moment on Semper amenus (Latin: let us love always) Put it back on!
One life one love My precious  I Love You
Our Love is Eternal To my soul mate Forever
Always C.R. to D.L. 10 Jun 15 (initals and date) Eternity
I thee wed C & D Forever (use first name intitals) All my Love
I marry you You have my heart My heart is in your hands
Never to part To my wife/husband Soul mates Forever
I’m always with you To have and to hold No one but you
God for me provided thee Schmoopie (private nicknames) God unite both in love
Por tous jours(For all days) Here is my heart, guard it well Mon coeur est a vous(You have my heart)
Joie sans fin(Joy without end) In my breast my heart doth rest (Old english) Il mio cuore e il tuo per sempre(my heart is yours forever)
Je t’aime (I love you) Mon amour(My Love) Amore mio(My love)
Vivo per lei(I live for her) Myn Genyst (My heart) Ani L’dodi V’dodi Li( My beloved is mine and I am his)
Semper Amenus(Let us always love) Mizpah(may the lord watch between you and me when we are absent from one another) Semper Fidelis(Always faithful)
Pari Passu(With equal step) Amor vincit omnia(Love conquers all) Deus nos iunxit(God joined us)

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