Who do you recommend for jewellery insurance?

We recommend Master Care Insurance because it was designed by the best jewellers in Australia for their customers to ensure that their jewellery experience is as positive as possible.  We have access to this excellent & specialised insurance through our membership in the Diamond Guild of Australia.  We are very pleased to be able to offer this to our customers because we want to give them a great start with insurance specialised for jewellery to save them  some of the bad experiences our other customers have suffered.  This insurance is good because:

  • It offers global cover which means your jewellery is covered at all times, anywhere in the world for accidental loss or theft and accidental damage.
  • Should you have a claim (subject to approval by the appointed assessor) you will be able to have your precious piece replaced by the jeweller who made it for you, or you may even opt for a cash settlement.
  • The sum you are insured for is the same sum as that paid for your piece of jewellery, this is always the case. No discounting on your replace piece.
  • There is no excess on the policy for the first 12 months and should you decide to reinsure with the Master Care policy at the expiry of the first years cover, there will continue to be no excess payable.