When do I need a Fitted Wedding Ring?

Elaborate antique inspired engagement ring with diamond set split wedding rings to make the completed design symmetical
Beautiful antique-inspired engagement ring encrusted in diamonds with a matching & fitted wedding ring also encrusted in diamonds.
Engagement ring with large princess cut white diamond (square) and elegant & simple polished band.
Engagement ring without the wedding ring.
Engagement ring as above with a matching polished wedding ring either side of the band.
Engagement ring with emerald cut emerald centre stone with halo of white diamonds and white diamond set band.
Engagement ring without the wedding ring.
Engagement ring as about with diamond set wedding ring.
diamond engagement ring with square diamond set on an angle to make it
This unique design has the wedding ring held by the engagement ring. Very romantic.
Wedding bands that fit engagement rings with flow bands.

You need a fitted wedding ring when a flat-sided wedding ring does not sit flat beside your engagement ring. 

It will need to be custom made so that it doesn’t wear down your engagement ring. 

It is important to get this right because if the wedding ring wears away the setting that holds your diamond then you can loose your precious diamond. 

It isn’t difficult just choose a experienced master jeweller who can design and make a fitted wedding ring. They will be able to draw a number of options.

You will need to leave your engagement ring with the jeweller briefly so they can make your wedding ring fit your engagement ring perfectly.   You will also need to allow about 4-6 weeks for this process.  For more wedding ring advice please go to Wedding Ring Advice.  Please scroll down for lots of examples of fitted wedding rings.

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