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Wedding rings are a symbol of eternal love and commitment.  They are traditionally worn on the left ring-finger closest to your heart with the engagement ring worn on the same finger.  They are often called wedders, for short, by jewellers.  This is a ring that you will wear for the rest of your life and so it is an important purchase.  Here are some ideas to reflect upon.  Don’t worry it will be our pleasure to assist you in deciding on all these matters.  Under the care of a trained designer it is a lovely experience.  We often suggest designing the wedding ring at the same time as the engagement ring so you will love the end result but we would be delighted to design a wedding ring for your existing engagement.

Fitted Wedding Ring - Do you need a fitted wedding ring? If a flat sided-ring will sit flat beside your engagement ring then you will not.  If it doesn't then you will as otherwise it could wearing down and damaging your engagement ring, worse case you could loose your diamond? To make a fitted wedding ring the jeweller will need to keep your engagement ring briefly to make sure that the wedding ring fits the engagement ring perfectly.

Matching your engagement ring? – Traditionally the wedding ring and engagement ring match including metal colour, diamond clarity, colour & cartage, stone setting, band width and ring profile.  For a diamond-set wedding ring, the diamonds need to span the same width as the engagement ring. Our expert designers know all the design rules and tips so we can make a wedding ring that perfectly complements your engagement ring.

Alternatives to Matching your Engagement Ring Some brides want a design that extends the design of the engagement ring and takes it to new places.  Other brides even want an avant-garde wedding rings that pushes the design boundaries.  Sadly some brides aren’t completely happy with some design aspects of their engagement ring.   At Stephen Dibb Jewellery we can design for all these brides, we can use our experience and creativity to bend the rules.  Yes over the past 30 years we've learnt a bit and we’d love to share it with you.

Combination Wedding Engagement Ring & Non-traditional Some brides choose to have a combination ring or other alternatives.  One Stephen Dibb Jewellery client had an enchanting custom-made bracelet created using a variety of family stones for her engagement and a wedding ring to match it for her wedding.  Another had an engagement diamond tennis-bracelet and a wedding ring.

Matching your partner’s ring – As a couple do you want your wedding rings to match?  Would you prefer them to be complementary but not the same? Would you like them to be completely different?

Split Wedding Rings – Do you prefer the symmetry of split wedding rings where there are two identical rings either side of your engagement ring?

Eternity Ring– Do you want an eternity ring?  Will it combine with your engagement & wedding ring or be a separate ring worn on your right hand?  It could even be adding additional stones added to your wedding ring or diamond earrings.

Your style - Online is a great place to start looking at options like plain, vintage, art deco, art nouveau, classic, elegant, retro, fine or solid, stone-set or plain.  Bring your ideas to your design appointment!

Your Lifestyle - Your lifestyle may change your choices of metal, setting and stones.  For example, do you need a robust ring that has the stone set low and that doesn’t scratch easily?

Metals - Options include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, titanium, 18ct gold, 9ct gold, two tone, tri-tone (rose, yellow & white) all with different properties and costs that make some more suitable than others.

Metal finishes – Options include brushed, engraved, matte & polished.

Stones – Options include white diamonds, pink diamonds, black diamonds, yellow diamond, blue diamonds, sapphires, rubies.

Stone Setting Type - What setting? Options include Pavé, Grain Set, Claw Set, Tiger Claw Set, V-claw Set, Rub-over Setting (sometimes know as Bezel) & Rub-in Setting.

Inscriptions - The custom of inscribing romantic poetry onto wedding rings began in the courts of medieval Europe. At Stephen Dibb Jewellery we provide free personalized inscriptions. You could have your wedding date inscribed inside the bands to help your new husband to remember the anniversary thus strengthening your marriage. We have some suggested inscriptions at

Budget - Set a realistic budget together. We can use our design expertise to maximise the value you get.  Make sure you find out what is included and ask about any additional costs.  Find our inclusions at .

Time – For custom-made rings allow 4-6 weeks.

Satisfaction Guarantee - You will wear it for the rest of your life so go to a jeweller with a satisfaction guarantee and avoid jewellers who wants to limit your options to what they can do or have in-stock.  Check out the details of our guarantees at Guarantees

Workmanship Guarantee – Make sure you choose a jeweller with a lifetime workmanship guarantee.  As we are confident in our workmanship on all our custom-made pieces we offer this unique guarantee, we do ask that you bring the piece in every year for a maintenance check, clean and polish at no charge.

Custom-made – It means that you have considerably more choices so your rings can be as unique as your beautiful relationship.  As a symbol of your everlasting love and commitment, your wedding ring deserves the time, craftsmanship and energy that is poured into custom-made jewellery.  Find out more about our custom making service at Custom Made & Designed Jewellery.

Existing stones and jewellery  – You can make use of your existing stones and jewellery.  To find out more go to Jewellery Remodelling & Recycling

An appointment - Once you have some ideas about your preferences make a no obligation design appointment to discuss the pros & cons of each with a trained jewellery designer. To find out what a design appointment will be like go to What To Expect.

For more wedding ring ideas see just some we've already made at Wedding Rings.  For gent's wedding ring ideas go to Men's Wedding Rings. For more information on Stephen Dibb Jewellery go to Meet Stephen Dibb & FAQ.

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