Attachment of charms

As a part of our repair, restoration & remodelling services we perform the seamless soldering of charms onto bracelets or chains to secure them.  We re-buff the bracelet or chain before adding the charms as part of the fixed price and make sure that the correct alloy solder is used.  As a price guide the attachment of one charm starts from $30 (for sterling silver), $40 (for 9ct gold) & $45 (for 18ct gold), again this includes re-buffing the bracelet or chain beforehand.  There is a reduced price for multiple charms, for example the attachment of five charms starts from $95 (for sterling silver), $105 (for 9ct gold) & $110 (for 18ct gold).  All repairs are performed by Master Jewellers.

For more details of our repair services including how we keep your precious jewellery safe please go to Jewellery Repair & Restoration.

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