Diamond Shapes

Knowing what shape of diamond she will love will help you in your search for the perfect ring. Here are some of the diamond shapes you may encounter:

Round Brilliant: Classic and timeless, this is the most popular cut. Round brilliant is a 58-facet cut that is calibrated through a precise formula that achieves maximum fire and brilliance.
OVAL Oval: This cut is oval in shape with faceting of the round brilliant cut diamond.
MARQUISE Marquise: The marquise cut was named after the Marquise de Pompadour after King Louis XIV commissioned its creation in honour of her dazzling smile. It has an elongated shape with pointed ends.
PEAR Pear Shaped: Shaped like a sparkling teardrop, this cut is particularly beautiful for pendants or earrings.
HEART Heart Shaped: When choosing a heart-shaped cut, look for a stone with an even symmetrical shape, cut deep enough for maximum brillance.
PRINCESS Princess Cut: This is a square cut that is the square equivalent to the round brilliant in terms of fire and brilliance.
TRILLION Trilliant: The trilliant is a triangular cut that was originally developed in Amsterdam.
RADIANT Radiant Cut: A square or rectangular cut, the radiant cut has the facets of a princess cut and the shape of an emerald cut, but with the corners cut off.
CUSION Cushion Cut: An antique style, this cut looks soft and pillowy, with rounded edges. A cushion cut can be a rectangular or square shape.

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