Engraving & Re-engraving

We can engrave an inscription on your jewellery to personalise it.  In our custom made jewellery we often incorporate hand engraved floral and other motifs for a romantic feel.   For jewellery renovations we often re-engrave to freshen the existing engraving.  

As a price guide simple engraving is about $6 per letter.

For more information about inscriptions please go to FAQ where there is a whole section on inscriptions.

For more details of our repair services including how we keep your precious jewellery safe please go to Jewellery Repair & Restoration.

Please note that all our custom made jewellery includes inscriptions and many other free inclusions for details go to Custom Made & Designed Jewellery &Jewellery Remodelling & RecyclingFor more about our repair services please go to Jewellery Repair & Restoration.