Hinged rings for customers with arthritis

two pictures of the same hinged ring with one being open and one being closed to show the mechanismAre you unable to wear or remove your jewellery due to enlarged knuckles?  It is worth talking to us about hinged rings.  We can create hinges for your existing ring or ring set.  We can also create new rings that are hinged.  Importantly the hinging of the ring or ring set doesn’t ruin the appearance or the integrity of the ring. Scroll to the bottom of this page to see a video of a completed hinged ring in action.

Come for a no obligation chat about your options and the cost.  The cost is effected by a number of factors including the metal & the width of the ring or ring set.

We offer these hinged rings which have helped many people with enlarged knuckles from arthritis or other causes.  To hinge a ring or ring set we carefully measure the diameter of the finger using a specialised sizer and construct a sophisticated and secure hinging mechanicism.  This allows the customer to wear rings that was unwearable or easily remove rings that can no longer be removed for maintenence and cleaning due to enlarged knuckles. 

We can also assist by removing the ring in a way that is safe for you and minimises the damage to the ring.  We would be delighted to assist you with this as we have done for many of our customers.  We will always quote you a fix price before we get your go ahead for a repair. There will be no add-ons after the fact. Your jewellery is insured while it is with us.

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