Replacing Missing Diamonds & Gem Stones

We match and replace missing diamonds and gem stones.  The proper matching and re-setting of your diamonds and gemstones is critical to the aesthetics and integrity of your jewellery.  If not done correctly if can ruin or reduce the beauty of your jewellery. 

Gemstone and diamond replacement requires attention to detail, persistence and expertise to match stones for replacement.  The shape, colour, clarity and size must match to do this we use our in-house gem specialists and our extensive network, that we have developed over 30 years, to match the colour, cut, quality & shape and if necessary we will arrange to have stones cut or re-cut, see Re-polishing or re-cutting of gem stones for details.  

For diamond and gemstones setting we employ the best specialist diamond setters available & the give them additional trading so that our setting is world class.  A diamond setter (often referred to as a setter) requires a separate apprenticeship to a jewellery apprenticeship because there is considerable expertise required for each.  For the long-term secure setting of a diamond or gem stone the diamond setter & jeweller must work together.  

Should the setting need to be repaired for the stones to be secure and not fall out again, we will discus this with you and explain your options. 

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