Ring Resize

As master jewellers we perform invisible & high quality resizing of rings.  We use the correct metal & solder and the best techniques to safe-guard your diamonds, gemstones & setting.  The price varies depending on a number of factors including the metal & whether the size is going up or down and by how much.  We do have a detailed price list & we’ll quote you a fixed price. As a guide resizes start from $85 which includes cleaning, emerying & polishing and insurance so that your precious ring is fully insured while in our care. 

Removing Rings 

Ring removal is free.  We will gladly remove rings that are too tight to be removed by sliding them off.  We cut them off in a way that is safe for you and that causes minimal damage to the ring. 

6 thoughts on “Ring Resize”

  1. Brandon Van Houten


    I have got my father’s wedding ring, and I would like to wear it on my right hand. I would need to be resized down about 2 sizes to an R and a 1/2.

    It has two gold bands (2mm) on either side of a platinum band (4mm). I am happy for the gold to be cut from the platinum and two rings to be made or all of it to be resized together.

    Would you be able to resize a platinum ring?

    I look forward to your response.

    Many thanks

    1. We can help you with this. Go to any of my stores & my team will be able to help you. Thank-you for thinking of us.

  2. James O’Hare

    Good Evening,

    I have recently purchased a platinum 900, 5mm size O ring and it appears to be slightly too big. From trying another on, I found that an N was a bit too tight, so a N1/2 would be perfect.

    Is it possible to resize by 1/2 a size? And if so, do you have an approximate price and timeframe?

    James O’Hare

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