What Is Jewellery Wearability Article?


When Stephen was a young jeweller he would occasionally ask me to wear something to check the wearability.  It seemed a little strange to me but I was happy to oblige as the jewellery was always extraordinarily beautiful.

I now understand this it is all about the comfort of the wearer.  It means that the jewellery doesn’t move unless it is designed to, it doesn’t need constant adjustment, it doesn’t twist up, it is easy to get on & off and it doesn’t create any discomfort or annoyance.  Poor wearability includes rings that swing; pendants that often turn over; jewellery that catches on things; stud earrings that flop forward and catches that are too hard to do-up and undo.  If well-designed even the heaviest and largest pieces of jewellery can be very comfortable to wear. 

There is no need to suffer.  It is really important to enjoy your jewellery.  To improve wearability, it is often just a minor adjust that makes a huge difference. 

Bring in your jewellery for an obligation-free consultation.  We’ve been able to help so many people with their jewellery it really is worth coming to see us.  I’m sure you will enjoy experiencing our friendly & professional service as well dealing directly with the jewellers.

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