Why does a wedding ring need to be fitted by an expert article?


A correctly fit wedding ring minimises wear on your engagement ring and maximises your comfort.  Poorly fitted rings swing and rub sometimes doing major damage to the stone setting and even risking loss of stones.  There are 3 major areas to consider.

  • Do you need a Fitted Wedding Ring?  If a flat-sided ring won’t sit flat beside your engagement ring then you will need a fitted wedding ring which needs to be custom-made.  The jeweller will need to keep your ring to make sure that the wedding ring fits perfectly.
  • Ring sizing – An expert needs to check that the engagement ring fits well, not too tight or loose. To fit the wedding ring the finger shape has to be considered to decide whether to make the wedding band the same size or slightly different.
  • Attached the Wedding & Engagement Rings – After the wedding, if the wedding and engagement rings will always be worn together, consider having your jeweller soldering them together.  This option has the advantages of always keeps the rings in place, reducing wear and prolonging the sets lifespan as there is no abrasion.  They can always be detached if needed to be.

Come in and talk to us if you have any rings that don’t fit correctly.  It is really important to enjoy your jewellery.  Bring your rings in for an obligation-free consultation.  It is often just a minor adjust that makes a huge different to the wearability of a piece of jewellery. Experience our friendly & professional service and exceptional quality and deal directly with the jewellery who will fit your rings.

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