Custom Designed & Made Jewellery

What is the design process like?

Everyone is “an award-winning jewellery designer”, how do I check out if they have what it takes?

Why does design count?

I have no imagination so how can I get a custom made piece of jewellery?

Why go for custom design for your engagement ring, wedding ring or any jewellery for that matter?

How long does it take to have a custom piece of jewellery made?

What if I’m not totally happy with my custom made ring?

Can I bring my own diamonds and gem stones for a custom jewellery design?

Can you get diamonds and gem stones for us, if so what is the advantage?

Am I going to be pressured?


Jewellery Remodelling & Recycling

How much does it cost to have my engagement ring or jewellery remodelled?

I've got yellow gold but now I want white gold - can you help me with this?

What can and can’t be re-used in jewellery remodelling?

Why do people have jewellery remodelled?

What are the most popular jewellery remodelling options?

Where can I see examples of remodelled & recycled jewellery?


Jewellery Repairs and Restoration

What jewellery repairs can you do?

Can I trust you with my jewellery repair?

What can't you repair?


Payment & Guarantees

What type of payments do you accept?

Do you offer finance?

Do you have lay-by?

What guarantees do you provide?


Valuations & Insurance

Are your valuations independent?

What should be in a jewellery valuation?

Why is a valuation needed?

Do you include insurance?

Who do you recommend for jewellery insurance?



What is your pricing policy?

Why are some rings cheaper than yours?

Can I afford Stephen Dibb Jewellery?

What is included in the price?


Diamonds, Gem stones & Diamond Setting

What are the four Cs of diamonds?

What else should I be looking for with a diamond?

What are the major diamond shapes?

 I’m hearing stories about diamonds falling out, are they true?

They are selling me the diamond and the ring separately and sending me to a jeweller for him to set the diamond, what could go wrong?

Are the diamonds glued in?

What holds the diamonds in?

What is the difference between a diamond setter & a jeweller?


Engagement Rings

What should I know before I start engagement ring shopping?

How much should I spend on an Engagement Ring?

Platinum Vs White Gold – what do you recommend?


Wedding & Eternity Rings

We’ve already got our engagement ring, so can we come to you for our wedding ring?

Do we need a fitted wedding ring?

Buying Wedding Rings, what do I need to know?


Jewellery Inscriptions

Why have inscriptions in your jewellery?

What are some good jewellery inscriptions ideas?


Integrity & Ethics

Can I trust advice from these guys?

Are your diamonds and gemstones sourced ethically?

Stone Swapping – does it happen?

Is your gold sourced ethically?

Do you recycle & reuse gold, gemstones & diamonds?

Are you Australian owned?

Is your jewellery Australian made?

What is Stephen Dibb Jewellery like as an employer?

What is Stephen Dibb Jewellery like as corporate citizen?


Other FAQ

I don’t live is Brisbane, can I still have Stephen Dibb Jewellery custom made jewellery?

Do you have every piece of jewellery on this website in stock?

Our Stores

Holland Park Store

988 Logan Rd
Holland Park, QLD 4121
(07) 3847 9933
MOB: 0457 906 887

Brisbane City Store

Brisbane Arcade, Queen St Mall
160 Queen St or 117 Adelaide St
Brisbane QLD 4000
PH: 0426 856 956

Cleveland Store

48 Bloomfield St
Cleveland, QLD 4163
(07) 3821 6900
MOB: 0477 089 613

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